Thursday, 11 October 2012

Lots of things happening. :) Here's my latest works:

This one is a study after a photo from a girl in Suicide Girls:

This one I did on the Cintiq from College. Goooosh, I need to have one of those someday :)

This one is my submission for the Assassin's Creed challenge held by #brazil on dA. The results will come up october 20th.

This are a series of 5 paintings I did for my Illustration class. The first one I won't post here because I didnt liked it. My goal was to make a more loosey feel, however I failed as you can see and started adding too much detail. Need to work on that. The five illustrations were about Bernard Cornwell Saxon Stories.

And here are some of the sketches I did prior to the last piece (I didnt saved the other ones :c)


That's it for today folks! Hope to post more things soon.