Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Sorry for the lack of uploads (and sorry myself for the lack of practice!)

It's all Diablo 3 fault :/ addictive game... but now that I have finished it on Normal and almost on Nightmare, I can return to reality and study again :)

 This is an "old" Nessaj I did when I was excited about Dota:

These two studies I made this week. I also sketched some things in my sketchbook, at least.

The full body lady is from http://scottworldwide.deviantart.com
The second lady I just found on my references folder, sorry :/

Monday, 11 June 2012

Well, I spent last week in my hometown, that's why I don't had any update here. Just did some pencil drawings in my sketchbook there.

Now that I'm back into my college city, I can play with my tablet, and, therefore, there is update :)

This is a piece I've been working for quite some time, it's a remake from a work from last year Drawing of Interpretation class.

And this is some 5 min, 10 min and 1 min drawings from life at my workshop.

Friday, 1 June 2012

With this new aproach, I've been doing some sketches every morning now (heavily inspired by torvenius), "creating" (or at least trying to) things in the morning, using the afternoons to studies, and nights with whatever I wish.

It's working so far.

Here's 2 morning sketches, and a study of a skull I did this afternoon.
Also, there is a study from a photo by http://nelleke.deviantart.com/